The project uses dnsmasq to configure each host to use Consul for DNS.

This role also adds (as of Mantl 1.1) search paths for .consul and .node.consul. This means that you can address your nodes by their consul names directly: if you have a node named x, you can address it as x or as x.node.consul. Addressing services works similarly, e.g. kubernetes.service.consul.


Starting with version 1.0.4, dnsmasq no longer uses Google’s DNS ( and, preferring the cloud provider’s DNS. If you want to use the old behavior, add your preferred nameservers to /etc/resolv.conf.masq, where DNSMasq will look to load resolvers after a name is not found in Consul.


The dnsmasq role uses consul_servers_group and consul_dc_group defined in Consul.


The version of mantl-dns to install.

Default: 1.1.0